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Pick a theme for your event. Believe me… the rest of the party planning will come together more easily if you do. Implementing themes supports the decorations, the menu, the activities and the entertainment. And to make it the best party ever, add our comedy improv performers to the mix and it is a guaranteed hit!

To give you a running start, below are themes and ideas along with the options and activities to enhance them.

Roaring 20’s Speakeasy
Suggested Walk-Around Characters include Al Capone (upon availability), Doorman, Cigarette Girl, Flappers, Gangsters, Keystone Cop, Bookie, Convict.
Possible Activities: Horse Racing on Screens, Gambling Tables, Song and Dance Review, Torch Singer and Pianist, Cigar Rolling Demonstration


50’s Sock Hop and Relay Night
Suggested Walk-Around Characters include an Elvis impersonator, Greasers, Bobby Soxers, Nerd, Bookworm, Jock, Nun, Priest
Possible Activities: Lip Sync Contest, Professional Dance Show, Dance Lessons, Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Dance Contest, Hula Hoop Contest


Sportsman’s Theme
Suggested Walk-Around Characters include Die-Hard Fans, Harry Carey, Referees and Umpires, Cheerleaders, Sports Newscaster & Camera Man, Golf Pro, Has-been Ball Player.
Possible Activities: Arm Wrestling Contest, Chess and Checkers Matches, Cheerleading Shows, Cheerleading Lessons, Sports Commentary Contests


70’s Disco Dance Fever
Suggested Walk-Around Characters include Celebrity Look-a-Likes such as John Travolta, Aretha Franklin, Disco Dudes, Disco Chicks, Guidance Counselor, Chaperones.
Possible Activities: Professional Dance Show, Dance Lessons, Dance Contests, Caricature Drawings, Photo Give-Aways.


Country and Western
Suggested Walk-Around Characters include Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill, Davie Crocket, Annie Oakley, Saloon Girls, Gun Slingers, Sherriff, Deputy, Gambler
Possible Activities: Cowboy Stunt Show, Roping Exhibition, Cork Gun Contest, Pie Eating Contest, Singer, Guitarist and Fiddler, Square Dance or Line Dancing Lessons

What about some additional activities to add to your theme?

Pirate or Caribbean – Charter a boat and include a mutiny, a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt, a swordfight show
Circus or Carnival – This is a perfect venue for variety performers such as jugglers, mimes, balloon artists, face painters, fortune tellers. Animal acts are always a winner.
Renaissance/Medievial – This period is ideal for the European market. Peasants and noblemen guarantee frivolity while wandering minstrels and poets create the mood. Add a few Shakespearean scenes to watch between courses of food (utensils optional)
Greek/Roman – Opulence and decadence are the flavor of this style party. Live statues always impress and a couple of talking heads at the buffet tables keep people amused and entertained. Snake charmers and belly dancers entertain.
Streets of Chicago – Obviously, our Bluez Brothers need to make an appearance and perhaps perform a couple of number and pose for photo ops. Add blues music and deep-dish pizza and you have the Windy City all over this event.
Hollywood and the Movies – With a number of our great look-a-likes milling about, posing and handing out autographed pictures, the guests will enjoy our version of a Hollywood Red Carpet Party complete with paparazzi and crazy fans.
 Futuristic – Neon, lasers and lots of creepy and funny looking creatures open the doors for the future. Interactive robots or puppets will keep the guests amused.

Similar to the above miscellaneous themes, here are some activities that could fit into any event: Trivia Contests, TV Game Shows, Scavenger Hunts, Games, MVariety Artist Show, Karaoke, Bingo, Arts & Craft Projects, Cigar Rolling, Music, Musical Act, Mystery, Comedy Improv Show, Sketch Comedy, Roast, Stand-up Comedian…the list goes on and on….

“…Once again, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and creativity for my client’s event this past weekend. Your entertainers added just the right touch in making the theme come to life. I will keep you posted on my future endeavors and will work with you again in the future.”  Rachel Hershinow, GM Productions