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Spokespersons and Emcees

Crisp, polished and experienced, our Spokespersons and Emcees can fit into any need you have from behind the scene voice-overs to trade-show presenters. We have comedic emcee’s and celebrity-parody performers.

We can provide a writer to create or co-create your script.

Our Spokespersons and Emcee’s are savvy with ear prompters, teleprompters, cue cards and memorization. All our talents are seasoned actors, so the possibilities of style and presentation are endless.

When requesting a Spokesperson or Emcee from us please consider the following

  • Length of performance time
  • Quantity of rehearsals
  • Special wardrobe

“…One word–PERFECT! All of you did an amazing job and the attendees were so wowed by the experience! Thank you again.”  Jen Kleinheinz, EVED Services