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A singer offers a real connection with the listeners to the music. Not only does the singer converse with the audience but they also help manage the tempo and rhythm of the party. Add one (or more) and you will notice the investment is well worth it.

Styled to your theme and concept of the event, our singers will design your show around your suggestions. Any style of music, from the Big Band sound to Motown, Jazz to Blues, Pop Rock, Country or Rock-n-Roll, we have singers to fit any mode.

Our solo Singers can provide their own pre-recorded music and sound equipment. They can also perform with live musical accompaniment from a single pianist to a small band to a full orchestra.

  • Rates vary based on the specifications of music, length of performance, location of event, rehearsals and sound checks.
  • Exceptional travel time may increase the price.

“…Thanks for making the Chicago show such a big success. Every one loved the Blues Brothers. I hope we can do it again next year.”  Toni, America West Vacations