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Whether you’re a true believer, kind of wonder about it or just find it fun, everyone loves to have a psychic reading.

Adding a couple of psychics to the perimeter of your party adds a distinctive compliment to your affair. They are perfect for a sophisticated event and just as much fun at a casual get-together.

We work with the best in the mid-west. Some of our psychics are retained to assist in crime solving while others write international newspaper horoscopes.

Your guests will love the unexpected pleasure of venturing a little deeper into their lives…whether they believe…or not!

Choose from the following:

Energy Psychic readings
Lip, Eyes or Full Face readings
I Ching
Handwriting Analysis
Aura Readings
Rune Stones
Tarot Cards


Subject to availability

  •  Additional costume rental may apply based upon request
  • Psychics are hired on an hourly basis with a two-hour minimum
  • Exceptional travel time may increase the price

“…Jamie did a wonderful job at our carnival event! Jamie’s energy readings really wowed our client! Thanks for a consistently great job every time!”  Danielle Peterman, EVED Services