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Photographers & Videographers

Over the years, we have had our photos taken at a gazillion different events. After awhile, we just got to know all the special event photographers and videographers and figured out who is the best (naturally).

Consider adding a photo station where your guests can pose with any of our crazy characters or gorgeous models. What about considering adding some costume and prop pieces so the guests can feel more playful? Your folks will have a great keepsake from your event. It’s a fabulously affordable give-away.

Red carpet entrances are all the rage. With our silly paparazzi and fanatic fans flanking the rope and stanchion entranceway, a live video feed can be viewed inside your event on large screens for all to enjoy. Add a great interviewer and go with live sound and your folks are creating a great opening evening of entertainment. It just screams Oscar night!

The digital world has made photography and videography  much more affordable these days. Just give us a call with the details and we can get you a quote and samples of our fabulous photographers and extraordinary videographers work.

“…The event was a great success and our guests truly enjoyed your Gordon Ramsay impersonation. You brought great fun and humor to the evening. You were a pleasure to work with and we hope to work with you again in the future.”  Peter Simoncelli, The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association