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Customize your very own mystery. Come up with a unique storyline. Brainstorm through possible options with our writers. Include some of your guests in the show. The possibilities are endless with our creative mystery writing staff.

There is one major guarantee with our mysteries: the plot lines will be silly, the characters over-the-top and the clues will be ridiculous.

These shows are far from the brain busters out there. And that’s why these are so fun!

Every show is distinctive because we base our customized plot lines around a theme that is tailor-made to fit any variable that appeals to you. The crime can be committed before or during your event. It can be a murder (with or without a gunshot…a glass of wine, perhaps?), a kidnapping, computer pilfering, a stolen item or any other crime-solving concept. The story can even unfold over multiple days, if you’d like.

These shows are interactive as we include the guests as suspects, victims or detectives. With our predetermined storyline filled with ad-libs, alibis and accusations, the performance metamorphoses as the guests and the performers interact. Many facts are formed in the genius moment of a guest’s creativity.

Create a theme to your mystery, ups the ante and fun? Invite your guests to dress accordingly…they’ll want to play more.

This will be the one they will be talking about for years to come!

“…On behalf of McDonalds Development Team, I want to thank you for the terrific performance  at our Holiday Event. The Mystery evening was an enormous success, filled with humor, excitement, professionalism and just the right measure of interaction. The characters were outstanding – great writing, great casting! I heard nothing but raves about the event. Thanks for a great job.”  Eileen Graziano, McDonalds Corporation