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Juggling is an art that goes back to the beginning of time.The word juggling derives from the Middle English jogelen-to entertain by performing tricks.  Our fabulous jugglers work their magical tricks with skill, timing and lots of funny banter. Dressed to fit your theme, our jugglers can  walk-around, mingle and amaze your guests with deft and skill… all that and a couple of good laughs! Sounds like the perfect entertainment for a themed event, a birthday party, a summer festival or a corporate function.

Stage Shows

Our jugglers also perform stage shows. These shows are more than just watching someone manage multiple items in the air while talking to a crowd. Our gifted jugglers have wit, timing and the perfect blend of comedic audience interaction. Shows may be geared toward any age audience, based on client request. Corporate messages can be custom written into a show, as well, as any other fun personalization.

  • Additional costume rental may apply based upon request.
  • Walk-around jugglers are hired on an hourly basis.
  • Exceptional travel time may increase the price.

“…We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all of the hardwork and effort displayed in making our event a true success. Our client, along with 1,300 attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were extremely impressed with each and every detail that went into the event, which would not have been possible without your participation.”  Simone Mets, Impressive Events