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Holiday Characters

Every Holiday…Every Character

Our pros delight, amuse and create life-time magical memories for family, friends and corporate gatherings.



Our most popular seasonal characters include

– Stupid Cupids – Great for a personal gift or proposal delivery

– Leprechauns – Ideal Meet-n-Greet for a St. Paddy’s Day party

– Easter Bunnies – Perfect for photos and cuddles

– Uncle Sam – Adds the patriotic punch to your parade

– Scarecrows – Any Halloween character plus incredible comedic performers

Traditional Santa and Mrs. Claus

Speaking of the Claus’s, here is a list of our most popular and trendy wintertime spirits.

Some can present themselves as a variety stage act.

  • Santa’s Reindeer
  • Silly Elves
  • The Three Not-So-Wise Men
  • Scrooge
  • The Three Wise Guys
  • Angel
  • Baby New Year
  • The Grinch
  • Father Time
  • The Grim Reaper
  • Contemporary Carolers*
  • Toy Soldier
  • Victorian Carols*
  •  Snowman/woman








And for something completely different, consider any of these characters and shows.

Santa and Maude Claude and their loyal elf, Clumsy

(an adult twist)

Our Santa Claude is like no other Santa you have ever met. Accompanied by his nagging wife, Maude and his loyal elf, Clumsy, these three are a recipe for some great entertainment for any Holiday party. (Please note, this show is NOT recommended for children.)
Jolly Old St. Nick ain’t so jolly any more. You see, the elves have gone on strike and decided to open-up their own home-shopping network. The strain of the heavy workload on the old guy has caused him to lose a lot of weight. Money has been kinda tight since he sneaks out to the track whenever the “old bag” isn’t watching. And please don’t mention his reindeer. Apparently, some of them brought home Lyme disease, so he had to “get rid of them.” In addition to all this, Santa Claude has been nipping at the bottle. Needless to say, he’s a mess! And if life hasn’t kicked him in the butt hard enough, his wife, Maude will. She can put any nagging housewife to shame in sixty seconds or less. She’s had it with Christmas and all the kid’s screaming “give me this…. I want that…”. She is trying to persuade Santa to retire and give up the whole gift-giving thing. The only elf who didn’t screw the old guy over is Clumsy… need we say more?

This outrageous trio gets a traditional Holiday party moving in a new direction. This gang works well meeting, greeting and chatting with the guests during cocktail hour or hire them to present gifts with comedic flair to employees following dinner. Anywhere they go, it is a guarantee that laughter will follow.

The Three Angry Elves

A Holiday Mystery Dinner Theater

This three-hour mystery starts at cocktail hour with mingling by three of Santa’s favorite elves, Elmer, Eloise and Elton. They are anticipating the arrival of the Big Guy” who is making an unusual appearance that evening. These mirthful characters use comedy improv to engage the guests in Holiday chitchat and silliness.

News comes that Santa is missing! He was last seen arriving on the roof of the party’s location and no one can find him! His sleigh bells, hat and glasses are all that remain. He has obviously been kidnapped! But by whom? And why? No doubt, there is someone at this party who has it out for jolly old St. Nick… one of the party guests must have a personal vendetta against Papa Claus! And these three angry elves are not going to let anyone get away with robbing the children-of-the-world their Christmas. They and the audience must find Santa and who is responsible for this heinous crime!

“It’s a Wonderful Slice”

Your party guests will never forget the mad-cap hilarity of “It’s a Wonderful Slice.” This is the entire story of the holiday classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ performed in 10 MINUTES!

“It’s a Wonderful Slice” is a fast-paced and exciting display of comic talent you won’t want to miss! Availability is limited for this attraction so book early.

The Grinch

You know him, you love him, you gotta have him! He’s a new man- er, dog…whatever he is, he’s lovable and bigger than life. This is the REFORMED Grinch. He’s approachable and quite lovable even if he gets annoyed with the Holiday cheer sometimes. This costume is terrific with its bright green fur, 10-inch long fingers and a heart grown too large. Great fun for adults and kids!

“…We enjoyed working with your Santa and elf. Your elf was great! I look forward to working with you next year.”  Kathleen Esterquest, Total Event Resources