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Give-Aways and Gifts

My dad used to always bring back “a treat” from his business trips along with a Polaroid of himself wearing a silly hat with a pretty model. On the photo was the “where and when” printed on the  frame border.

Mementos and give-aways have been a part of the tradeshow and special event worlds forever. Why? Because it’s a great way to advertise and a thoughtful way of gifting your guests.  When you include the celebration and date on it, it becomes a keepsake.

And they don’t need to break the budget.

If you’re going with a themed event, like a Roaring Twenties Speakeasy, handing out fedoras, beads and boas invites your crowd into your make-believe gin joint. Add a cigarette girl with old fashion candy and have one of our experts to  rolliing fresh cigars and, well, let’s just say, your joint will be jumping’! Next time you Google cigarette near me, remember Booze Up deliver!

Give us any theme with your budget and we can come up with a novel give-away.

Why don’t you create a client-making station and allow their imagination and craftiness build fun hats, ties, scarves or t-shirts.

Heck, we’ve got a ton of ideas to make giveaways.

Photos and Caricatures are another inexpensive way to send your guest’s home with something unique and special.

So tell us what your budget is, what your theme is and how many guests and we will give you lots of options to consider.

“…I don’t know where to begin to thank you for all of your help in making Tamar Productions’ 25th Anniversary event the best ever. You will definitely be at the top of our list for comedic talent at all of our future events. You’re definitely the best!”  Mary Ann Rose, Tamar Productions, Inc.