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Corporate Development Tools to Accelerate Your Career

It is important that aspiring business development managers are familiar with the tools that are available. The right software can help you implement a growth strategy and make it easier to manage client engagement. It also helps with better project planning. These tools can enhance your professional performance and boost your career.

You should include a variety of key tools to your toolbox, whether you are an experienced business development manager, or an entrepreneur trying to transition from corporate development to business development. These include:

Business Development Tools

Effective M&A requires a deal management platform that acts as a single source of truth and offer an all-inclusive view of the entire transaction. While traditional virtual data rooms (VDRs) like Intralinks Diligent and FirmRoom are excellent for sharing documents but they do not have the capability to connect communication with a target or a banker to a specific pipeline phase or due diligence workstream. Corporate development tools designed specifically for M&A offer this functionality. They remove communication silos and help to monitor the status of each deal or the overall M&A processes.

Additionally, business development tools that are built to support lead generation and prospecting can help you find new opportunities and enable you to target high-quality leads by utilizing a variety of criteria. For instance, technology-driven platforms like Grata can help you identify potential acquisition targets based upon key metrics youHuo Jie define such as profit margins, location, or clientele. Hunter can also find anyone’s professional email address in seconds and allows you to quickly connect with potential clients.

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