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Activity Hosts

So, you have all the activities and games planned and no one to emcee, coordinate and run them. Don’t worry… we have the perfect person for you. Our Activity Hosts are skilled comedic improvisationalists who will keep your guests amused while creating the direction and guidance they need to compete and have fun.

Oh, you don’t have the games figured out? Not a problem, our Activity Host can supply the interactive activities that include relays and team sports to facilitate and support a dynamic event geared toward physical interaction.

You’d prefer a session of activities that are inside and table bound? We can do that, too. Games of card towers or restacking cups and saucers are a few of many that we have available, perfectly suited for rainy day events.

Your wish is our command. Tell us how you want your games played and we will provide the perfect host to generate your perfect, active special event while keeping your guests entertained, amused and involved.

“…Thank you very much for providing the great entertainment for the IACCE 2001 Spring Conference. The “tribal people” were awsome and fit well with our safari theme. Thanks for helping make this conference a huge success.”  Carol Letzter, Premier Event Management